Predator 2. Leona's baby

Im not deep into the predator lore/comics. So i dont know if this has already been answered.

In predator 2, we find out after the subway attack that leona is pregnant. Does it ever mention who the father is? Is there a deleted scene from predator 2 that explains it??

I see a lot of people theorising its jerrys baby.

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Right? It’s the late 90s. Kid would be grown up enough at this point.

Give us Jerry Jr., cast an action movie star, give us the backstory and make him use 90s-style guns like a Deagle with a Rangefinder and laser sight, for some reason.


It’s Danny’s




Give us Leona Jr.

Jerry or leona jr would definitely be an interesting concept. I mean they would both certainly have motive to hunt predators.

Given the choice, what actor today could you see playing Jerry or Leona jr?


Neh a grown up Molly

But also why not both :p

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The only obvious choice is Conan O’Brien.

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For both.

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Never met the guy

It’s Danny’s baby for sure


Why would u hunt someone that spared ur life xD and has ability to end it any second

If the baby happened to be Jerrys kid (boy or girl) you would hunt the predator down, because he killed your dad.

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Ok she worked as my maid for a few weeks

I would seek vengeance for Bill Paxton.

I shall seek vengeance for Bill Paxton.

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What about Tony Pope live with hardcore?
What happened to him? He needs a solo origin story. I’ll be writing that script as soon as I’m finished with the life story of the guy who had his restaurant destroyed by the Colombians right at the start of Predator 2. What about his grill???
He’s the real hero. Not Harrigan.


Sometimes you just gotta mutilate a mofugga.


This is Tony Pope live from LA, the city of fear.

The psycho-vigilante killer
continues his daily diet for murder. Bodies strung out, bodies with the skins ripped off,
the hearts torn from the cadavers. And just recently,

James Cameron, storyteller, the vicious director found in an alley just around the corner with his head cut off and his
Directors chair shoved up his ass.

A fitting demise
to the Prince of film making.