Predator armor theory debunked

Tested against old damage values found for the GOSL-R at multiple ranges.

Some people had speculated about the meaning of a particular patch note.

It was suggested that perhaps the damage drop rate per meter was increased.

We tested the damage of the GOSL-R against a Hunter .
38 damage @25m
28 damage @60m
28 damage @100m


129 damage @0m
119 damage @200m

I think it’s safe to conclude that damage reduction per meter has not been changed.

I can confirm that at around 75m a SAWZ50, without a suppressor, takes 3 hits to destroy a mask. Not sure if this was different before.

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So it was placebo then?

yup your life is a lie

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Maybe it’s reduced while moving, or some other condition, but I didn’t want to take the time to keep testing and setting up new conditions.

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They were very vague during the live stream about it. I don’t understand the point of the nonsense just give him more health. Not fucking hard.


Or how about they just show us the numbers and data in game instead of making us the ones to try and figure this shit out.