Predator cannot Sprint

Old bug, but still happening…
The Predator can sometimes not sprint anymore, then there is a sound effect played whenever he leaps.

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Your game is just falling apart.

Why even post here


same old bug, same old workaround

ADS for one second and shoot plasma

Bug happens because of fast ADS/Fire and/or multiple inputs at once

devs won’t fix it, they’ve known how to replicate for well over a year now

Is not just sprinting, btw, interaction is also bugged (no piggy, no claims, etc.)

Yep sounds about right lol

Bro why is ur game running on my moms iphone I hate people who sacrifice everything that makes a game nice graphics effects etc fir 1 extra frame

Cause I play it on an old Laptop you genius.

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Thanks for the compliment I was always good in school

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Yes. If you’re careful it won’t happen, but this seems to be causing a few bugs.

  1. Locked into ADS
  2. Can’t sprint
  3. Can’t claim or consume boars

There all solved by sequentially holding the ADS, quick firing the plasma caster, then releasing ADS.

Shouldn’t even be allowed, imo. Graphics should have to at least be equal to the PS4.

Add two zeros to that number.

Is not one extra frame and more like 100

And this is why we keep clashing. The fucking attitude. Why, instead of asking console players to have the same advantage, you think instead they should be restricted, even for someone who shouldn’t even care, since you claim you play with crossplay off as it is “unfair”

Why not ask for an overhaul optimization to all systems so the game runs smooth without having to lower graphics, the only reason why we lower all graphics settings

I get better frames on Cyberpunk than I do on this piece of shit game, and Cyberpunk is a very demanding title


🤷‍♂️ That’s why I stick to crossplay off. So I don’t actually have to worry about it. Other games handle crossplay in a fair way, like Apex Legends.

or like COD or Bloodhunt where PS players have an actual aimbot lol.
Fuck that.

Dude you pc players sound so whiny complaining about aim assist.
Its not an aim bot.

And I cant tell you them amount of times aim assist has screwed me over throughout the years.

I dont like it.
Theres a lot of us like that.

Aside from that, arent yall supposed to be mr supreme beings on pc when it comes to fps?
Seriously cant handle aim assist?

Talk about a skill issue lmao.

But seriously, I fucking hate aim assist, it’s more detrimental than you think. Its definitely no aim bot.

In Bloodhunt it basically is, even PS players said it.

There are potatoes on every platform, PC and mouse won’t make you instantly good at games. Can’t handle aim assist? Right, that’s probably the reason why most players have crossplay off.

That’s one game then.
And unless I play it, I couldnt tell ya if they’re exaggerating or not.

But on destiny I cant tell you the amount of times its fucked me over in pvp and pve.
Same thing on mw3.
And other cods.

Tell me how is it an aimbot if it fucks you over more than it helps?

Cause I’ve played against pc players on destiny before, killed them just as well.
And you ain’t gonna sit here and tell me aim assist is what got me those kills. Cause that shit was me.

What I can tell you is that pc players play pretty scared.
They’re always jumping around like a rabbit running away from a predator.
Moving side to side like a scared retàrd.

You might win, but your more than welcome to play me in destiny.
I’m rusty as hell, but we might as well.
It would be the first time we played together and you know win or lose I’m not gonna start drama with you over that.

Unless you’re scare of the big bad aim assist?


Seriously tho, you most likely will win.
Idc tho, it’s something to do.

But while its first different reasons believe it or not were on the same page.
We both dislike aim assist.

And I think that’s all that really matters.

90% of the PHG playerbase are potatoes.
You can get this game rn for as low as 5$.

Especially after Prey movie, I saw lots of new , mostly Steam players (PC) and they were as bad and clueless as those screaming kids with open mics on PS.

Most randoms don’t even know where the Pred is even when the Pred is right behind them, so you can’t really generalize saying PC players play scared. It would be like me saying console players are potatoes.

Which isn’t true since there are potatoes and good players on any platform.

I never played Destiny, never even saw the gameplay, I was never interested in playing it.

We can play PHG tho, if you want.

That’s a shame.
Seems like the only real game that’s crossplay that I’ve actually played nobody wants to.
But they’ll play this shitty game xD.

If you have PS5, try Bloodhunt, it’s free and very fun, 3rd person shooter.

PHG is crap, bugs on top of bugs and poor optimization is what made me play it less and less. Sometimes I queue up alone but it’s more fun playing with friends or a friend.

I only suggested PHG because we both have it.