Predator Christmas Wishlist

Sup everyone, hope ya’ll ate good this past week or least had a great week!

So with the holidays coming up soon, so is the last DLC of this year, so here I thought to myself the neat things I would like to have under my Christmas tree installed in my trophy room. Its things that people have been asking since launch and some new things that can help make both Fireteam and Predator gameplay feel more dynamic and refreshing.

To start: SPEARGUN

One of the most long requested weapons for the game since launch! Its been a staple weapon since the first AVP game on PC, seen in AVP, AVP2, and even in Predator Concrete Jungle, in pistol form rather than rifle form. This weapon is the Predator equivalent of a sniper rifle for long range engagements. For too long had Fireteam snipers had it good with shooting off masks from Predators and this Speargun that shoots long, sharp, and barbed spears is the great response to all SAWZ users. Would work best if the weapon allows for zoom in/out. I know some people would wonder why if the Bow can already do something similar? They would fail to realize that it does great as a medium ranged distance but not long ranged however. Think of it like the SAWZ and Hammerhead, both can shoot far, but one obviously is more specialized for further distances than the other.

Its a classic weapon that also covers a niche for long range combat, which alone is something the Predator arsenals incredibly lacks and desperately needs.

NEW Predator Utility: Specialized Traps/Bombs


So despite the Predator race being technologically advanced, they don’t really have much to work with here in terms of utility. Folks here have been craving for more utility tools for a while now, and perhaps some ideas here would greatly help fill in the void:

Fire/Plasma Throwing Mines

Seen in Predator: Concrete Jungle; These mines used an incendiary-based explosive, capable of setting victims alight and even completely incinerating them. Plasma mines work in the same vein, but concentrated on one target than general damage of multiple opponents.

Sonic Throwing Mines

Seen in Predator: Concrete Jungle; These devices temporarily incapacitate organic opponents by releasing a burst of multi-spectrum light and subsonic sound waves designed to briefly disrupt the nervous system of the prey without causing permanent damage. Basically, the stun grenade of the Predator arsenal.

Remote Bomb

Seen in AVP2 as the pic above shows, they are similar to the Fire Mines in that they can be thrown at a target or on surfaces as a trap. Difference is that, they can be remotely detonated by the Predator.

Elite Predator Armor

When you realize Fireteam has Elite variations of the class outfits but Predators have no such variation, it leaves for a much more hollow customization for Predators in comparison. Plus…I mean come on now, Predator class needs new drip too? Why does Fireteam get all the candy yet again?

It would also be a great new reward to work towards to now that the level cap has been increased.

New Predator Passives/Special Abilities

I had made a post not too long ago to how Predators have very little variability in terms of passives in comparison to Fireteam classes. We only have passives in three areas, which is more or less melee damage, more or less bullet resistance damage, and melee damage resistance. What about a long ranged damage passive, even more lasting cloaking, perhaps with the Elder’s unique special ability is continued Plasmacaster usage due to having a laser on the weapon already. I mean Berserker takes more melee damage despite all that heavy armor and being a specialist in melee combat…really??? Perhaps a Dash-Tackle ability that enables the Berserker to close the distance much faster and stun any Fireteam that happens to be in the way. Even redefined/switch up some Specializations as Focused isn’t a ability that serves much in hunting/combat as that speed and energy boost is just a few second temporary boost that doesn’t add in any tactical gameplay sense. By the time I get to Fireteam, that boost is gone and thats it.

Improved Fireteam mobility

Simple things like hugging corners, peaking over cover, laying prone on the ground for better stealth sniping, vaulting over obstacles can greatly enhance movement freedom for Fireteam. Predators can leap far and climb trees, so escaping better by vaulting over small fences is a great help for retreating Fireteam or peeking around corners to avoid a waiting Predator/Stargazer ambush would be fantastic to the feel of being an elite Fireteam member.

Additionally, it would help immensely with Clash gameplay, as the current set up feels very awkward due to the nature of now fighting against enemy Fireteam. Things like peeking over cover to avoid gunfire from the other team, and other movements like that is the standard on other FPS games like COD, so not having these movements just make the game and the mode feel sort of obsolete and limiting.

This is the start of the wish list: anyone else that wishes to add something interesting to the list for Illfonic to take a peek at, can leave your 2 cents down below. Thank you again everyone and I hope yall have a good day ya hear!


All yes.

@Kassinaillia… please?

Would also love an expanded mimicry/voice line wheel. Especially a war cry on FT side!


everything in this list


Add also to Pred the same thing that happens to Fireteam all the time.

Double shotgun AI’s spawning right behind you and shooting right away before they even turn towards you, when you start healing and also on random.

Make it happen @IllFonic we believe in you!

Tell y’all what, if we get ANY of these items, I’ll donate my body to science

We got “want some candy?”, which was incredibly obscure, so, who knows…

I already have the contract with your signature


Oh boy I can’t wait to do science stuff to your body.

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Please explain further

This year for Christmas I’d like the will to live.

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did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth plaguies the wise

I want Gauntlet mode for Christmas



i would not say obscure. graveyard scene was memorable and he said it while killing jerry

That would be sick. That 15 limit player mode got me thinking of 3P vs 12FT, and I want it so badly. This and new long range weapons with balance changes and I’ll be a happy clam.

My fear tho is a game breaking glitch that will take a week or so to get fixed like the last one patch from the previous Christmas.

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