Predator Concrete Jungle DLC Idea

Games old as shit like you said lmao I’d they remade or remastered I’m sure they make it look more realistic and if you don’t like the cartoonish thing look hunting grounds looks like shit compared to AVP 2010 to for that exact reason to me.

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its the tech. considering that we have more Videocard ram and more texture NEAR AND FAR available for storage, both games utilize this. Except in 2010 or whatever , you dont have 10 gb of ram…its like 4gb. You explain that.

and lighting…you get more detailed variations of light in PHG than you do in AVP2010., explain that. But you can put a blind fold and think that an Alien Colonial Marines rip with Predators will be more than enough to quench your fandom than thats all i need to know. That means you have no justified reason to say they are graphically equal.

Colonial marines looked worse than both lol and I didn’t say it actually looks worse but I don’t like the look as much because it’s more cartoonish as compared to AvP 2010

Illfonic would put that amount of work in whenever nomad abandons his youtube channel

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