Predator Customization!

Okay, First off thank you devs for fixing the warpaints!

However the customization is lacking in this game. Sure we can change the armor color and add war paints to our masks, but thats not enough!!!

1: Plz add a color wheel to choose the color of our armor. You can even make it cost 25k to pick out own color.

2: Plz allow us to add as many warpaints as we want and give us full control over the placement of them and the size!

3: plz allow us to add warpaints to our armor!

4: This is just a wish but plz let us customize everything on the base 3 Predators with all the Predator armors we have! Please!

5: Can we get Elder Variations to the Thick, top knot, vikings, and Valks pred locks plz, you can make them all the old faded color but It would be nice to have a variation of elder locks on every pred!

Plz keep up the great work.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier


Need different Predator faces

Different eyes

Battle damage

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Battle Damage would be cool.

Different faces? Dont they all of a Unique face besides the base 3?

Also yeah Eye color would be cool, can make a Fugitive Pred with the green and yellow eye!

I meant different faces for the base 3

And capes for the elder class

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I remember right after the update when customizing armor it looked like the UI had changed. Be real cool to swap armors and stuff. Wrist blades, PC, chest plates etc.

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Yeah right! At least on the base 3. We can leave the other classes alone cause it would look funny on the other classes

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Okay! Yeah would be cool.

Also why a cape? Idk how that would work for current animations.

Maybe Elder has a different intro where he walks out un cloaks and takes his cape off before the start of the match

Something I think needs to be noted is that some of the new Alpha Masks have their own invisible “Default” Warpaint option. Say you wanted to put a Warpaint on the already paint covered Tyrant or Orge Masks, the layer of paint is replaced by your selected Warpaint.

Do this but with Armor please?

Because elders can have capes

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Changing all the little bits on the base classes would be nice. Maybe it’s planned for some point this year.

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Oh yeah I did notice that the ither day when making a new alpha class

Also need those options on all masks

I want to make my scouts left arm have the samurai left arm armor and give him the Vikings chest peace for the fur on his back xD

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