Predator Gadget - Tracking Device

Wrist launcher based, limited ammo. can track the fireteam within a certain distance. lasts a long time but can be “removed” with the perk that allows you to spot traps/decoys etc.


Had the same idea except… they can make it so its smth unique and new instead of having it on wrist launcher… predators get to equip a specific trap that they can play on and surface that is horizontal with other surface such as a TREE or a BUILDING and it gets triggered if u walk across it and gives no warning except to the predator… and it can only be noticed if a fireteam member inspects ur body and decides to remove it… it will shine bright red but make no noise.



smth like this i guess…

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yeh pred need more placable gadgets like snares n trip wires etc…

and Why the fuck cant we pick them up if unused?!


movement spread it XD

If it were a special arrow for the bow it would be much easier to hit the target and quicker shot.
Or just make the wristlaunch shoot it more quicker, accurately and linear.


Why if turning on thermal for 2 seconds already permanently tracks the player at a medium distance lol

I mean this only works because you sprint across the map to get to the bomb ASAP in Valorant

Otherwise you just crouch under it or guess that its there if they have a cypher and shoot it.
I don’t see a point in tracking mechanics when you can cross the map in three leaps and nothing in this game supports stealth to begin with.

i was making an idea based of my previous re-work ideas where this would pay off and u would need to rely using tracking and re designed target isolation

Use it on mudded fireteam