Predator health

Predator health needs to be way better, 2 bullets and you’re dead?! Humans are way over powered! The predator should have the advantage. Either that or make the predators weapons way more powerful, 1 hit down with the spear of thrown. Pointless playing otherwise


Show us the weapon that only requires 2 bullets to kill the Predator.


El predator está bien de vida el problema es cuando 2-4 bomberos te empiezan a disparar. Yo creo que deberían bajar un poco el daño de la escuadra cuando golpean al predator juntos, no sé si entienden a lo que me refiero pero tampoco importa :)

Warning Precaucion Cuidado

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Mike1 probably met one of those hacker teams, it doesn’t happen that often but you’ll know for sure once you meet them.
Warning warning, cuidado, precaution, these are some of the hackers out there. Help filling the list out if i missed some.
backo80, bendinglight, scarface_1983, gesp, ls1_outlaw, weevo, fairyautja, samhain, andrey01001 and craftsman.
Utiliza programa hack.

Cuidado in game!



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Dante, Explosives specialization and Grenades and make that a whole Fireteam with some equipped with saw gun and mini gun

It’s like a fireworks show every time 😎

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Don’t forget Scarface_1984


I thought that all of the buff predator people were trolls but this man here is serious this guy is guaranteed the range spammer who starts crying when his hand held runs out then his spamming quips are done when he attempts to melee with his brain dead combistick and tries to throw it and realizes now he needs skill to to play the game

Definitely. That super needs to be fixed. You can have impenatrable with protection or Ironside and it still takes 2 bullets from a sniper? that’s ridiculous. I can not 2 hit down a solder as the predator so htf is that right? By the way I play the fuck out of this game because I love the predator, I am level 455 predator.

I was thinking it was a glitch. They need to fix that glitch. It’s literally the only way I die as the predator.