Predator hunting grounds 2

It should never happen.

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It SHOULD happen. But let EA make it.

Let there be terminators in it!


Why not though? You guys cream all over Battlefront. Imagine if PHG was done on that level.

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There is nothing wrrong with the level PHG is on.just needs polish.

EA, ubisoft, all those suck.
Youd have an unfinished cash grab.

Absolutely wrong.

You’re gonna give someone a seizure.







Fireteam: exploiting grounds

Give it to Gun Media, then.

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Why not make a team of you fans and make a predator hunting grounds 2 game?

I’d rather play games.
Enjoy whatever good ones I can find now a days.

I remember when this was one of the first instances of AAA lootbox shenanigans in a $60 game with the fast track p2w card upgrades and deluxe editions & everything was on fire until they disabled the store.

Everyone looks back with rose tinted glasses now that they dismantled the progression system and abandoned the game for a year while EA moved the team to Battlefield and Anthem (lol, lmao even). Before actually abandoning Battlefront for Anthem the next year. Basically ended the game in retaliation for their shit launch. Classic EA.

also lmao @ Titanfall 2 servers

I think they’re just going to sit on Apex Legends and Battlefield until they die now. They don’t know what works anymore besides remaking Madden and that’s probably a good thing.

A shitty mobile game clone outsourced to india would have been more sustainable than PH:G.
At the end of the day, 1v4 format is just dumb as hell and 9/10 will never pull sustainable player numbers. Ghostbusters is dead, devs are out of touch. DBD can barely sustain it without constantly begging for IPs and are now trying to make movie games because people find new skinner boxes.

Reskinning clash of clans and calling it a AvP gatcha literally wouldve made its money back over Aliens FTE and PHG.

In your magic scenario though where we don’t care about money, I just drop $300 mil to make some star wars galaxies MMO sandbox interactive battlemap For Honor thing.
Instead I will play Helldivers.

Personally not interested in developing games at the moment and 3D animation is where it’s at

I would rather attempt to give users of this platform more creative freedom

People don’t care at this point and the game is now considered abandonware and after enhanced fanatic the jungle is now no holds barred and anything goes but it’s been like that for a while, the only thing that has changed is access to stronger bugs

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