Predator Hunting Grounds Hack: How Samhain13 and his friends cheat and look "good"

Everything shown in the video is an overlay and can be disabled so that it doesn’t show in streaming or recording software like OBS. Next time you think a PC player in PHG is good just because you see them streaming or making videos, think again.

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I’ve seen it stream through AMD’s ReLive software a few times, there’s no way to hide overlays, there’s only screen capture and window capture, but with desktop sharing. I agree that in OBS you can hide overlays on top of the game that you are streaming. But the very fact of what is seen on the screen gives reason to think. Well, if you already want to show something, then that no one has seen for their audience, Why do you need to go to a public match? And not a private one? I am against such tricks.

Imagine just being good at playing the game normally lol 😂

Lol so thats you that changed username to Samhain13 and is pretending to me? You are so desperate

I record my vids with Amd software, it doesnt hide a ything, even shows if you use a crosshair overlay

You are wrong.

AMD allows to capture single application. They call the mode Borderless Region Capture.

ESP is another application, not a DirectX overlay. You can use AMD’s ReLive software and hide ESP from stream. There is even tutorial by AMD


Ahaha) it doesn’t work that way. Do you have a graphics card from AMD? I have a graphics card from AMD, the region capture mode works so if you press the “start menu” during the stream or return the game, there will be a black screen for viewers, in the same category. Or you’ll have everything on the screen, the game, and the desktop image. If you have a graphics card from AMD, you can check it out.

I don’t know anything about ESP

ESP = Overlays

Nope. There isn’t some black magic in OBS to hide overlays; it requires only to switch from capturing entire desktop to capture specific application. Exactly the same feature is available in AMD Radeon Software.

Yes, I do have AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. The feature works as described. In Borderless Region Capture mode only the game (selected application) appears in the video, no other applications can be seen in video, even if they are placed above the game.

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I tried streaming through amd relive software, where everything was either captured when you minimize the game, or a black screen.

leterally riddled with cheaters and nothing being done.

Infinte grenades, snipers firing full clips in 1 shot… its funny i just quit dont give them the satisfaction.

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Hey look it’s the guy binded to the contract!


I’ve been curious. I’ve noticed in your streams as well as Sam’s (both using AMD software) your audio is fucked up. Like some sort of virtual surround or reverb effect is added. It makes it very hard to pinpoint sound location for me. When I play my game doesn’t sound like that at all. Does your game sound like that in your headset as well or is it just the stream?


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That was RUS01001 who later changed his name to SamhainI3

No worries bro. No hard feelings or anything. I just want to have tighter control over the shit I am doing.