Predator: Hunting Grounds needs some serious optimization


Here is my build:
CPU: I7 2600
RAM: Ballistix DDR3 1600 MHz 16 GBs
GPU: RX 590 FATBOY 1580 MHz (sometimes I overclock it to 1660 if the game does not crush)

Here is the thing that got me thinking: With this decent build I can run Battlefront II at maximum settings in HD at around 65 to 75 FPS and at ultra HD 2600x1444 at around 50 to 60 FPS this is a game praised for its graphics that are actually pretty nice looking and way superior to those of PREDATOR: HUNTING GROUNDS. Similar with COD: MODERN WARFARE 2019 and battlefield V all these games at maximum.

But surprisingly when it comes to playing Predator: hunting grounds at maximum settings I can barely go beyond 35 FPS! and most of the time it does not go beyond 30 FPS, so I have to play it in epic instead of cinematic which gives me around 40 to 50 FPS! With constant dips to 30 or less and is not that this game has the best graphics. I know most of you play it on low graphics even if you have a more capable hardware just for some advantage when it comes to spotting the pred and less foliage. Any thoughts?

Edit: Also I don’t know if the game is CPU OR GPU intensive, I know my CPU is relatively weak, it is an I7 from 2011. But I think a RX 590 fatman overclocked is a decent card and they run all those games neatly.

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Before the 2.0 update I could play with all medium and high settings with stable 60 fps. After the 2.0 I am playing with half medium and half low settings and I cant reach 60 stable fps , when an alarm is called or the exfil point is activated my frames drop to 40. Yesterday I did some games with all medium settings for the challenge and my frames were less then 30 when the Predator was moving (no alarm or any Ai). The game needs optimization and balance fixs more than content right now.

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