Predator: Hunting Grounds SinglePlayer Match 1

People really didn’t talk to much about the single player mode they were mainly upset that the Shuriken is going to be reskin of the Smart Disc

The thing is though it’s still in the testing, so what we see isn’t going to be what we get

Oh that’s confirmed??

Yeah I remember people saying that about the beta test for this game.

If they haven’t made new assets yet then they’re not making new assets by launch. It’s laptop defense wave mode, if we’re lucky pred will actually get an interaction animation with the laptop but I doubt even that lol. They’re going to throw this out with some F13 challenges and then pretend it doesn’t exist from there onwards. It’s about as relevant as the tutorial.

Even tho the weapon is 100% not the same thing at all and functions entirely differently in the film that the smart disc?

Yeah I hate it
That’s why I made this thread
Don’t make the Shuriken a reskin of Smart Disc

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It’s more then just laptop defense
Just watch the video and you’ll see

What am I looking at aside from Pred doing FT missions?

Something that isn’t laptop defense


Hold interact key over here, hold interact key over there, destroy 10 crates…

I’m happy for the speedrunners that will enjoy doing this 100 times to beat their time attack record but it sucks.

It’s better then just loading into privates solo and playing as Predator, because now you have an objective

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So I saw. But it still looks pretty basic and bare bones but at least it’s something. Shit I’ll take it over big head mode, floor is lava and lunar shooter. But it just looks like a slightly more advanced tutorial which isn’t bad by any means just that if it was going to be that then it really should’ve gone to the FT as that side really needs a tutorial more than the Pred does at the moment.

Let’s face it FT will never get a tutorial mode

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Yep. Instead they’ll get buffs to help the garbage players instead of a way for them to learn how to play the game. Sad really.

Objective: Kill AI or Objective: Kill AI either way

I’m sure they considered it and dropped it entirely because it would mean trying to code an AI predator. Just not worth the time investment.

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Shit they’ve already got the dummy predator that just sits there that’ll be good enough for the noobs to practice on lol.

My opinion is it’s boring as fuck and I’m not gonna waste time on it

The smart disc? Lol

Oh I was talking about the gamemode
The smart disk is fucking great

Yeah the game mode looks lame as shit lol