Predator: Hunting Grounds, Stat Values & Guide (Archive)

22.5 x 3 projectiles = 67.5 Damage full hit

Thanks a lot.

Also I did some math for Disk to figure out how much of a bitch Dantes are to fight and if the math is correct… a Fanatic Dante with the Perk of Double Time who becomes Last Man Standing would gain enough to Speed to become the FASTEST class in the game. He’d be moving at 11.2 metres per second which is faster than even fucking Wolf who currently holds the Base record of 10.6 metres.


Thanks for posting these @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK, really appreciate it.


I think it should equal about 9.8. Definitely going to test myself.

Thanks man !
Cant wait for perks and spec details

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Dude thank you I have been kicking myself in the ass for not taking screenshots from the website. It’s much appreciated since my memory is shit and I forget what percentages some of the specialization are.

Speed is pointless when Preds can leap

As much as I hate how broken it is, my biggest grief with it is the damage resistance because it becomes absurd how much it can tank. It makes good players nearly invincible if they know how to exploit it.

Oh yeah the Damage Resist on Dante is bullshit. If there’s a Support on the team he gets around 300+ Effective HP last I checked.

How its possible to have a 300hp+ Dante ?

If you put Thick Skin on Dante gets 185 Base HP. Add on OWLF Trained and gets a passive 8% damage resistance, if he’s sprinting that becomes 28% damage resistance due to his Class Passive. With a Support on the team he gets a 48% Damage Resist buff total. Due to math bullshit that apparently gives him something like 316 HP in practice.

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is a theorical number based on the damage reduction you get. So, the 185HP is equivalent to 314HP on any other class without any damage reduction perks/passives

Math, since everything is multiplicative percentage based and everything stacks, you only take about 59% damage under optimal conditions (58.88 to be exact). Giving you about 41% damage reduction. So, 185HP that only takes 59% damage is equivalent to 314HP

OK thanks guys !

For you, what the best builds for Wolf, Elder and Captured ?
Waiting your ideas

captured/hunter/JG87 are all the same classes. They are just re-skins.

I personally only play Valkyrie and Alpha as they are the classes that give me the most wins compared to others, or that I am able to last longer against though players. Though I haven’t really tried Wolf and Bionic.

My go to perks with any class is Adrenal Boost and Downrange. Third one I will change depending on the mood.


You forgot to list something:
There are 2 win conditions for each team.

*Secure predator corpse (After defusing bomb)

*Kill all fireteam members
*Successfully detonate self destruct sequence

that’s not a win for pred. Is a draw whether all FT members die or not

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Downrange is for melee attacks ? Right ?

It is though. The important thing is that they don’t make it to the chopper

yes. it works great with the axe… >->