Predator is really underwhelming.

Recently with the update i came back to the game and been slaying preds left and right. 9 out of 10 games FT wins. Just now i literally 1v1’d a pred and im not even good.

That’s because you played against kids on PS who don’t know how to do anything, any mid-level predator on pc will destroy you in 15 seconds )

The dude played wasn’t a kid as he congratulated me at the end on my aim. Also like i said, even though most times i can’t 1v1 a pred, but at the end of the day they get shredded. Like everyone playing a pred can’t be that bad ok?

Bro, you missed a lot, at this stage of the game 95% of predators are potatoes , and your skills have nothing to do with it )

Hello everyone if you want to play a private match as a predator or as a squad. Come, you will not be bored 😉

U facing potatoes.

Try me. I’ll get ya lunch…🥪

You’ve been gone too long, mate. Most Preds are mid to low level players that make poor mistakes and die easily. I mean you did good damage and he took 5 skulls which means he’s not THAT dumb. Pretty fair match tbh.