Predator Loadout Help

Smart Disk or Combi Stick

Hand Held Plasma Caster or Yautja Bow

Bear Trap or Motion Detector and Audio Decoy

Adrenal Boost or Long Jump

Down Range or Dithered Lens

Medic or Large Pouch

I’m Only Using Hunter Fervent. Please Help!!!

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In my opinion,
1.) Combistick
2.) both aren’t bad but Yautja Bow would be best
3.) Bear Trap
4.)Medic, Large Pouch, and Down Range (if you can)

Don’t listen to Nomad, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s only a roleplaying furry who thinks the combistick and bow looks cool and fits the predator lore the most. I’ve killed Nomad several times 1vs1, he use the voice wheel alot, roaring, roleplaying, walking slowly towards players and outside doorways.

Smart disc is by far superior to the combistick, and the bow is shit compared to the pistol, and as always, it all depends on how well you can use the weapons.
This game needs more good predator players, go for the disc and the pistol, practice and learn from mistakes.

And don’t play as Hunter Fervent, it’s only good for the first downed player, and PsychoBaBas will leave the match if he sees you playing as Fervent!
I find Tracker more useful, then the fireteam can’t hide and you can predict easier where the reinforcement radio will be at since you can see which direction fireteam players(red bubbles during target isolation) are running even though they are mudded up.


Thanks. as a reward I shall give you my seed

Perk? Especially Medic or Pouch

….no I’m good

Disk is the best if you have low ping and have the means to turn it around fast, dont even need Fervent damage buff for it, Tracker is better for Disk Build

Come on, bow is almost as good, pistol will be better for most because more damage + you dont have to collect your ammo back. However if one is good with headshots with bow its better, thing its hard to get consective headshots with bow in a row often, and those charged shots from across the map are so satisfying. But when it happens bow > pistol if player is on a good aim day.

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Honestly bro, it’s up to you. You paid for the game, play how you want. Everyone has good advice here, but it’s ultimately up to you. If you care about what’s good, with the options you listed: I use Adrenal Boost, Large Pouch, and Down Range on my Hunter Fervent with meds, decoys, and motions. Heavy reliance on range with the Bow and Caster until they’ve all used at least one stim. You have to judge when to use your weapons and gear, nobody is going to hold your hand. I think if you played Fireteam and learned what they do in tough situations, you’ll have a much easier time judging and resolving.

But be warned, the game is broken, and there is quite a bit of exploiting happening daily. I’m sure you’ll run into someone abusing the increasingly popular Fanatic glitch and call hacks. Might as well be, to be honest. Like I said though, play how you want, everyone else will so don’t let them get pissy with you for playing however.

Assuming you’re new to the game, and not very skilled with the Smart Disc and taking the variation in ping in public matches into play, I would say to use the following:
Hunter Tracker Not Fervent
Plasma Pistol
Healing Kit, Bear Traps.
Large Pouch, Medic, Down Range.
Just use ranged weapons and don’t bother with melee. If you bump into anyone half decent or an experienced good player they will blow you away up close.
Try to get above someone in the trees without being detected, and then throw some Traps down on top of the Fireteam giving them less time to react and shoot the Traps to destroy them, then once you have a player trapped, throw your Combistick at them, and quickly switch to the Plasma Pistol and shoot them till they are downed, and then keep shooting till they die. Obviously try not to get melted by the Fireteam while doing this.
Another way to get a better idea of what you’re doing is just watch some videos of how the best players on the game play and try to mirror what you see.

Not everyone😂

Play other game

Thank you. I will be careful.

Thank you for the advice!!!

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I prefer the bow to the pistol. The damage from the pistol drops once you get far, bow doesn’t. I also find the pistol to have some sort of lag when you fire. Also that slowing effect from the bow is good.

To the OP… it really doesn’t matter what you take. Any weapon is good against potatoes and those will be 99% of your matches.

Pistol lag?

What is OP

Original Poster

It doesn’t shoot instantly when you press the fire button.

I see Thank you for teaching me