Predator Loadouts are not saving

I just bought the game and I’ve noticed the pred loadouts are not saving at all. After I shut down the game or even play a match, the predator loadouts get reset for their gear. The perks and specialization doesn’t get reset though.

I’ve tried deleting the UserSettings save files as well ans making it “read-only”, but nothing works. I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do.

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Hey welcome to the game!

Often people notice this happens in certain slots.

More times than not, you need to ensure all of your gear points have been spent, or you have filled up every gear slot you have. (Trial and error)

The game is riddled with bugs, and jump-through-hoop type of mechanics that make it very difficult to enjoy the game.

Devs response to all of this is deleting save data, which is just meh lol

Good luck and happy hunting :)

Yeah! I noticed the same thing

I also noticed that AFTER level 15 you can then save your loadout in Customize 1 field, I am surprised that NOBODY has worked it out… EVER!!!