Predator loadouts keeps removing Primary and secondary (PS4)

So just got the game love it but I keep running into an issue where everytime after a game my Predator loadouts remove the primary and secondary, or switches it to basic saber

I’ve already tried the delete save fix and that didnt work any others or am I gonna have to grin and bear it til the devs do something?

May I ask if you bought city hunter or samurai as dlc to get early access to their weapons and what level are you?

and I got the DLC pack so basically all the predators save for Cleopatra

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Thought so.
Do only the loadouts with the dlc weapons like combistick or katana reset?
If yes, you better leave them until you unlock them through leveling up. That should stop the reset for the time being.

This worked thank ye
Only the ones that had combi stick, luckily enough the Battle Axe stays put as long as its paired with a weapon already unlocked

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This seems to be a common loadout reset for ps and steam. If you have friends also experiencing this tell them the best solution until they have unlocked the combistick through leveling up.