Predator Mask City Hunter Rebreather

It keep unable to equip, and am tired of deleting my save data and re-creating my Customization evertime


The rebreather should never have been added to the game in this way


Because the rebreather is used for breathing only

Has no effect on vision or targeting

It should have to be used periodically when your biomask is destroyed to maintain speed/stamina

The least they could have done was add something to cover the eyes so that it doesn’t break lore

Kind of like a lower tech biomask

So Pred shouldn’t be able to skin FT either

He can’t

Should be able to though

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But skinning the FT isn’t even lore accurate

So you haven’t seen Predator or Predator 2?

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Pred only skins unworthy prey

The FT is set up as worthy regardless of actual skill of the players

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IDK about that

How do you figure?

FT being set up as worthy?

I don’t remember

It’s a 30+ year old series

You forget about sources of information pretty easy

Oh the edit

Because that’s they’re entire purpose

Just compare them to the A.I

The missions are a cakewalk

I think it’s up to each Predator to determine if the prey is worthy or not

I guess that’s true but at the same time there’s not going to be a lot of people who thinks the film sucks and likewise there’s not going to be a lot of preds who say Arni isn’t a good trophy.

Some characters known to have killed a Predator makes sense to a degree

Unless the Predator hunting them doesn’t know

Wow. So those mask came what month and a half 2 months ago. The bug is maybe a month old.

Wow great track record there @IllFonic thats some top notch coding right there. That vacation must have been so worth it.

For whatever reason I can no longer equip it on any default classes but all dlc ones can

Maybe a cut scene after killing the last man standing , the last guy being the trophy and the other hanging skinned ?

I’m sure the lore was that easily killed prey were skinned for being unchallenging and used to signal to anyone else that it was game on if you entered the hunting ground

Try using on a different custom loadout slot