Predator mission in Wildlands will be gone in 24 days.

Hint for something new, or most likely lost the rights.

Just the Predator Mission or DLC Items?

Yeah everything revolving around Predator mission is going.

Idk about gear yet.

I wonder if Predator being in wildlands has anything to do with why they can’t promote upcoming DLC

I’m not sure if the COD predator stuff is still useable

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Possible maybe they dont have full rights cause of the mission, they promote Dutch but nothing else.

With the new movie confirmed definitely could see some hype coming this way, as long as the updates dont fuck things up.

WTF, this is bullshi*. Why would they do this? Im afraid some crap like this could happen to this game one day.


I figured disney would come in with this game if it wasn’t profitble, they do love there money.

That’s really weird, never seen a game reverse DLC this way before, I hope it was a free update and not something people payed for.

Some character customizations were paid. The mission was free. Bummer though.

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That’s pretty lame but luckily vid done it a few times. Definitely worth doing tho.

Honestly I’m glad I picked up the game again only months ago and played that mission for the first time! Man it was a great side mission! I’ll be pissed if my badass pred gear gets removed from the game.

I doubt they’ll take your geatr, most likely the mission and the gear wont be able to be obtained, so if you have the gear your good I think.

Great! Because I love the Melee executions with the wrist blade! Coolest thing to do in that game mixed with the Future soldier cloak!



Lost the rights probably since I believed they stopped supporting Wildlands once Breakpoint launched.

Downloaded the game again, wanna run through it before it’s gone for good?


Im going to be working on this one too. I got this game on sale only for the Predator and now they are taking it out?!

That was the best!! Making your entire squad into Emmisary Preds and fucking shit up! Ubisoft needs to do a proper Predator SP game. Also, the Predator was the hardest boss ever at the time!

That sucks, that mission was so fun once you learned how to beat it!

Yup. It did everything right.