Predator Ranged Weapons

Illfonic, add new ranged weapons for the Predator. Melee weapons are a suicide mode (because of your game design).

  1. Speargun - almost a year and still this iconic weapon is not implemented, the best one was in Aliens vs Predator 2, held in both hands, 30 retrievable bolts (similar to Yautja Bow), very high damage, no laser or any other bs that reveals your position, no bolt drop
  2. Remote Bombs - also seen in Aliens vs Predator 2, would work perfectly for campers or to set ambushes
  3. Energy Flechette - seen in Aliens vs Predator 2 Primal Hunt, Predator needs a ranged rapid fire weapon, it should have around 20 “plasma bullets” and after shooting them all, Predator should “reload” it (similar mechanics to Hand Held Plasma Caster)

Scout rifle

Disc launcher

Wrist rockets


I’ve been asking for this for quite some time

Shurikens! But not just different looking disk. Remote bombs would be amazing. And nerfed immediately I’m sure.

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Well, obviously they’re not going to do this as it would be so OP as to be ridiculous. A Pred that could just stand still, cloaked, and shoot off spears without any real worry of the FT knowing where the shot came from. That’s the whole reason they added the ‘red streak’ to the Bow arrows in the first place.