Predator Scar - thanks

Thank you @IllFonic very much for the masks!


Scarface looks cool

get your Yautjas names right… Scar Face is NOT the name of the AVP Predator… it is just SCAR


Look, the last pred mask has a hand switch on it! What happens when you toggle it up?

The second last one looks like a vaccum cleaner. It has vents so when it clogs it can still release air.

And for people jealous that they didn’t release JH but got it in an elder, we have the first one too! Its JH with some emblem. But NOW they will complain that it has an emblem!

God, why are people like @Monsoon ?

AVP Predator: Celtic, Chopper & SCAR… Scar-Face is from Predator: Concert Jungle…


thst is part of a rebreather Spike Tail has… not a toggle…

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I get what you see… but its part of a rebreather… like on scuba gear

Welcome to the universe where everything is engineered by humans. They couldn’t just stick with scary alien design?

Yes be like me I am the best and really cool

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Sorry I’m not a predator fanboy

then why post anything here??

So your saying to post here I can’t be malding or have friends

You can have friends just stop being an idiot on things relating to lore…

Predator fanboys when you cannot identify this predator in 0.5 secondsimage