Predator Scout: Lock It Out!

So i just played as a Predator Scout…Illfonic if you know whats best for you, please make this class a special unlock of 200lvl.
I’m just saying right now, for those who ever faced PC predators that defeat Deathsquads easily, you know what i mean. These guys are Pred Scouts!
Scout Leaps have literally no cool down. Facepalm. If you’re going to do that with Scout, do it with EVERY CLASS!!!
Based on my observations, Scout isn’t really a popular class mainly for aesthetics. Everyone is using Berzerker, or Alpha, or City/Jungle Hunter (but apparently ALPHA PREDATOR leaps twice and then there is a god aweful wait time before your next leaps).
That said, this Scout class Leaps provides an extraordinary OVER POWERMENT and therefore should have an associated cost for it!
Thanks to this thread…tomorrow fucking wait times for Pred will half an hour and ALL OF THEM WILL BE SCOUT!

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What have you done

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I’ve been transparent!@

Ban Pred Scout class for 2weeks! or alot it 3 times a week as time based Class! This class is an exploit!

Surely you’re trolling…right?


Just telling you the truth about the class inequality!!! I’d rather castrate myself before you use this class exclusively! And you know who uses this class exclusively! They always do, and for no better reason other than the exploits!

You get some pretty significant downsides with that extra stamina. :)

I’d personally use Elder + Adrenal any day.

Its probably a downside if you’re a PS player.;)

Scout can make 5 continous leaps, Hunter can make 3 leaps, with Adrenaline Boost the Hunter can make 5 leaps too. I haven’t tried any other class to see how much more they can leap with the AB. Actually haven’t tried Scout with AB, non-stop leaping? :P

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I’ve been using Scout since I unlocked it and while they are Great fun to use (and they really are) they do have a learning curve to them and they can be melted faster than an ice cube beneath a rocket if your careless. So I would say no I do not agree they should be nerfed or penalized for being awesome…thank you…
steps down

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You realize the leap locks you into position, essentially moving on rails. So just leaping around is not nearly as strong as you’re implying. If the ft also plays pred they see you leap and can usually guess exactly where you’ll land

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if they ban scout class…cuz im main from the begining of the game…im gonna shot myself in the dick with an elephant killer

Scout needs some love next patch.


Wouldn’t do that personally but I’d be highly disappointed. You take away leaps or nerf stamina in some way then scout will be the next berserker or samurai in that all the other classes will outperform it. Scout can get shredded easily hence the need for the massive stamina.

James Cameron is gonna ban it later today to see if you will indeed shoot yourself in the genitals with an elephant gun.

Just be careful. Due to the size of these double rifles you will not be able to properly shoulder it and point the barrels at your genitalia. So you will probably break several fingers once you pull the trigger. This would be unfortunate as once you obliterate your penis/testes I would assume you’d at least wish to grab the wound with your mangled hands. Maybe you can get a friend or family member to shoot it for you but you should probably seek legal advice to stop this person from being charged for shooting you. That’ll cost you at least a consultation fee and maybe more if contracts need to be drawn up. Your lawyer might even need to be there to witness the shooting and they charge by the hour. Then you’ve got the hospital bills.

All of this doesn’t even take into account your long painful recovery assuming you don’t bleed out. You could have medics standing by I suppose or maybe sneak yourself, friend, lawyer and elephant gun into a hospital and do it there.

The more James Cameron considers this proposition the more it seems as though ultimately it might not be worth the hassle.

Maybe you could just start another “F@@k you Illfonic” thread. Those always effect immediate and lasting change.


This is the most insightful post you’ve ever written.

Michael Bay is still better

if this isn’t a troll, this is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard.

Scout is almost suicidal to play at the best of times, let alone now that the FT have guns that melt 'Zerkers in 2 seconds. Literally the lowest healthpool of any pred even if you run impenetrable. They need the leaps to have a CHANCE at surviving, so no this makes no sense.


I hope so. I really really hope so.

Scout plus Long Leap negates the need for Adrenal, you can leap the length of the map non-stop it’s insane.

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It might have been more insightful if you played the scout class for a numerous amount of hours instead of going on a rant as soon as you tried the class out, you have to take into account that the scout can’t hold very much equipment and gets shredded pretty fast… sometimes even in combination with leaping depending on the accuracy of the fireteam.