Predator sculpt

Hi guys and girls
I started sculpting six months ago and am a great fan of the predator so decided to make a predator bust and turns out I’m quite good at sculpting , I’m here today because I would like general opinions on the potential of my sculpt , the finished piece is what sideshow call legendary scale bust made from resin with acrylic teeth and glass eyes , your feedback will be great thank you can only post one pic as a new user
will post more pics once predator is complete , dreads ect?


Why did you post twice? Also wow cool

Hi sorry new to the forum they said can’t post more than one pic because I’m a new user how weird and thank you for the comment 😊

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Nice. James Cameron approves. Sculpt another for James Cameron to purchase from you.

Hi James
Should have a couple finished in a few weeks , very time consuming , will message when the busts are ready for sale they have to be perfect .
there will be only 5 for sale
Thank you for your interest means a lot thank you .

Looks nice

5 bucks , plus you pay the shipping , and you got a deal 👍🏻

How about i pay you 5 bucks and you can do one 😏

Deal , when are you sending it?

You joker [quote=“Arnie.schwarzewigger, post:9, topic:21839, full:true”]
Deal , when are you sending it?