Predator Specializations Buffs Needed

Even without parries, it’s rough go as a melee focused predator. Warrior’s 20% reduction of an already low parry stun time, doesn’t seem to matter much. My recommendation, allow the parry to function normally, but only effects the melee and damage, while having zero stun effect on movement.

50% melee damage through parries seems great on the surface, but, really, the worst part parry is the stun. My recommendation, full melee damage through parries.

This needs a rework. You can only use it with target isolation. That’s very limiting. Then the buffs make little sense. Speed and Energy Regeneration. These are conflicting buffs. My recommendation, rework by replacing current buffs with increased leap distance and increased duration of target isolation.

It’s too weak at low health, because, at that point, it can only really be useful as an escape. My recommendation, make it activate for a duration after taking any damage from the Fireteam.



I pretty much agree with all of this TBH
I would like to suggest a slight rework of Analytic
As well maybe (Edit)* Decrease scanning time and Increase duration of scanned targets and allow for Motion Detectors to count as well but not stack obviously. As it is now its very inconsistent and against those that live in the mud its basically useless…which sucks because it could be a way more useful spec and allow for some interesting setups.
Also maybe a 5-10% increase in perk effectiveness for Preds across the board? As damage/utility numbers on the Pred side is still rather low.

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Agreed specially on the Enraged thing.
It should be either activated at… I don’t know… half health bar maybe? Or like @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK says, after receiving damage… for a breve period of course, but definitely not something that works only for escaping and even worse, only when you’re about to die.


Do all this but also do something about ghost. Quick attack and spamming the cloak button makes it pretty OP. Same with zerkers and the specialisation that gives health for claims. Seen a few zerkers do the bums rush to get one quick kill, claim then leap out even when you’re blasting them. It’s worth risking a 2nd wind right at the beginning to weaken the FT.

Old King Hamlet already knows about that, so the ball is in their court. Hopefully they give it a minimum time requirement.

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Ohhhh man. A time limit will kill Ghost tho!! But good tho Im tired of these pay to win Valk mains lol!!

A good compromise would be for the effect to take place after 3-5 seconds after activating cloak.

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So its active for a set period of time after the cloak?

No, what I mean is that if you just pressed the cloak button then the buff would not activate until after 3-5 seconds have passed that way you are fully cloaked. This would encourage hit and run rather than a full frontal assault while mashing the cloak button.

As it stands now you can just tap the cloak button and hit melee immediately right afterwards and still have the buff applied.


Yeah I know!

If you get full melee damage through parries, what’s the point of parrying then? Alpha Sickle already has a faster speed than you’re able to parry, imagine that but parries become wholly and totally useless. I disagree with your ideas for Brute but I agree with everything else

This is how it should work. I use it this way with a Valkyrie build and the Alpha sickle, and it is still extremely effective.

So, if you parry with a light attack, you receive no damage even if the predator is using brute.

I would say that the point of parrying is to stun the predator and stop the continuation of the combo. It’s also important to note that the first attack of every melee weapon is its weakest attack, except for weapons that have heavy attacks, which can’t be parried anyway.

Additionally, I’m not sure if this is intentional, but I am thinking about making a bug thread about it, if you use the quick melee button, R3 on console, there is no delay between parrying the predator and your next melee attack. So if you’ve ever felt like you were being both parried and damaged multiple times in a row by the fire team, they were likely just spamming R3 or the equivalent input on PC.

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I think the Predator should also get to parry.