Predator t-posed model bug

This can be reproduced consistently when you queue for a match and be active on a different window. E.g browsing youtube or the forums while the game finds a match and loads.

You will notice that the game loads you, the predator, in a match but no load out is selected… Definitely a bug since we have a set default loadout everytime don’t we? This will load you as the T-posed model as seen on the video.

This can also occur with the FT.


So there is a tell tale sign this is about to happen at least for the ft!

Your entire loadout will be blank! However on the Predator side it will show up as a normal loadout!

@OldKingHamlet @Courier

Also I would say stay off other windows but we all do it soooo

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I cannot agree with that.
I’m constantly in different windows watching twitch streams or read stuff or upload on YouTube and I only had this bug happen to me once.
But the bug happened for me as my router was about to die on me and gave me a bad WiFi connection.

I think I still even have a pic of Aihrui when she was a hunter with the bug happening to her?

Edit: Yes, I still have it.
Predator.exe stopped working XP

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What? I have never had a router die on me

I can’t tell what exactly happened but the router was often rebooting on his own at random times or my game would lag like crazy.

Called a technician and he told me to router was defective, so he basically was Monday work and died on me.