Predator takes way too much damage.

Just had a match where one fireteam member seriously overextended himself, and due to the environment making me miss one swing, he was able to do 60% of my HP by himself even with impenetrable.

This is not how an asymmetrical game should be, especially when the goal is for the Predator to hurt people for splitting up. Fireteam members should be most dangerous when they are all together, but the fireteam has no reason to split up. The AI is too weak to force them to split, and the Plasma Caster’s splash damage is pretty pathetic. Can’t even kill an AI soldier either caster splash at significant charge.

If one person can overextend and still be more than a match for the Predator, I don’t know how the devs expect the Predator to be able to size up to 4 of them.

Edit: Also please fix the 1987 skin.


Agreed, sometimes there is simply no way to attack the fireteam due to the ridiculous amounts of damage the Predator takes. Playing the Scout without impenetrable is a literal death wish. I fear this game is gonna go down the Dead By Daylight route where the hunter is the weaker of the two parties


I wanna write something…but i can feel my brain has shut down for this game now, we can go on and write feedback all we want, Illfonic doesnt listen, they never have,so why bother.

The balancing in this game is the worst i have ever seen in a PVP game, and i have played them all pretty much. Predators seems like an afterthought in this game, its as if they wanted to compete with COD first.

They should just kill this, keep the Predator model and make a singleplayer game with him instead, because its clear they dont have the experience to make servers work.


i agree to that he/she takes way to much damage and its really scary sometimes being hunted as the predator bc the fireteam does do alot of damage. if the fireteam did less damage to the predator it would be more fair even if it isnt that much of a nerf it just needs to be done. it would be cool if one of the classes for the predator had a rage when it gets like 25% hp and it takes alot less damage and does more damage for like 5 seconds.

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I can definitely see the Hunter and Scout predators needing a buff (maybe a little more health) to combat the Yautja’s Bane + Scout class (fireteam) problem with their massive secondary weapon damage. But to be honest I wouldn’t say the Predators need to much of one.

At higher levels the Predator can kill or dismantle the Fireteam very quickly. Example the predator can net 3/4th of the Fireteam, and smash them to bits with the sword or combistick. Also jumping on targets or hitting them directly with the plasma cutter will do roughly 70 points of damage. If used correctly you can down an entire Fireteam in seconds for sticking too close together.

It seems to me at low level Predators they expect and incentives the hit and run tactic. For when you can’t do those things. Like harassing the Fireteam as they run through the jungle or doing certain objectives.

they need to buff predator or nerf the guns I’m playing as berserker I jump this duo down one without taking damage as I’m quick claiming the second guy takes 80% of my health in a matter of 1-2 seconds so how tf am I supposed to kill all fireteam members? plasma caster is close range smart disc is easily dodgable bow is not a 100% guaranteed hit they need to add certain missions which requires the group to split up or stick together but have the risk of wasting too much time they thought so hard on ways fireteam can use to counter predator but didnt even think about how the predator is gonna counter the fireteam predator needs more control over the game like things to split them up or force them into a choke point so u can kill em why use stealth when all u need is an LMG


Quick claiming is a noob trap

Also yes, you’re at an extreme DPS disadvantage

It’s nice to see new players



these guys must be new. Here’s a little advice, get used to it.
This game is like no other.
Illfonic never listens. Predator has been like this for years. I’ve gotten used to it and still win. New player opinion is not going to change this. so do what i did, get used to it. Also, don’t treat the predators like their tanks, because those who do run in guns blazing, will instantly be sorry.

Hey, 3-4 dudes running the saw that deals over 300 damage per shot is totally balanced

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Games perfect. Git gud

It’s what my buddies and I run, 3 shots to kill a pred in second wind lol

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Reminds me of this

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I agree. Lower pred HP so he can’t take as much damage as before.


Of course!



You’re so nefarious

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Just trying to help provide helpful feedback for a wholesome community and a thriving game that I play every day!
: )

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