Predator totally invisible glitch (even when moving and using melee)

@IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet
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Ha I knew it, HACKS!

You sure this is a hack?

Of course, or else you would see him melee you

Not a glitch then?

Only glitch I’ve seen that happen is when your a headless manakin t-posing and floating on the map

I’ve seen this glitch. It’s not a hack.


this game is just full of bullshit and we all know it we have seen more than enough proof that illfonic is not possible to make a decent balanced game …than we dont speak of all the bugs and glitches they come up every new patch…every patch is always tested private before launch but what does illfonic team do ??make new patch let 3 dev play 3 matches and let hope for the very best …

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on that you can see how poor illfonic really is

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