Predator Twitchy When Jumping

@OldKingHamlet Predator twitches when jumping but only when rate cap is set to OFF. I tested this on PC as well and what I noticed is when capping the frame rate to 60 FPS or even 30 FPS makes the twitch go away. Problem is, there is no way to cap the frame rate at 60 FPS on console. Also this twitch never happens in private matches, only public matches, no matter how low my ping is.

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That’s the cause of the predator being hunted for so long, I’m sure you’d be shaking too if 4 armed to the bone humans were chasing you and your FAR advanced technology was getting out matched with accurate rockets and by small pistol that have incredible damage because it’s users

Buff FT nerf pred

You know you want it

Fix the game balance both sides and for the love of god NERF THE AI

So I play on a PS5 with the frame rate cap off but I also play on a monitor made for gaming so maybe this has to do with the refresh rate or something! Because I do not get this!

So quick question are you playing with auto performance or are you playing in performance mode and have messed with the settings

Tested again on patch 2.50 still does this please fix