Predator vs AI mode

So far, this game is very far from being complete in terms of playing for a predator, I propose adding a mode in which you can play for a predator, but against AI opponents. I hope it allows to play as a predator and feel like a hunter in films. At the moment, this is not possible to do, because you have to wait a very long time for the session for the Predator and of course very quickly die in the match itself, just a waste of time in the empty. This mode against AI will at least somehow allow to play in this game.


I’d say that it would be nice opportunity to training your skills. We need just one additional option in match modifiers that switching on\off AI (both predator or fireteam).

I don’t think that this feature will harm to public matches, and decrease number of players, cause we still got our Daily and weekly challenges that focused on public matches.

I donno, maybe we’ll get some ‘hunt AI’ mode in the future. Anyway would be nice to have an AI option in private.

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You can start a private match and play against the AI at any time. Today’s AI is too limited to be interesting on its own.

go into a private match and set AI hp to 10000%

congratz now you can beat up braindead AI until your heart’s content