Predator Weapon Cosmetic

Smart disc:
•Smart disc holder/pouch be on every Predator if they have the Smart disc equipted.

•Make it close up like that chicks bow in Blade 3 and placed on the Predators back side where the tale bone is.

•On the Predators back there should be a quiver for all the arrows.

•place it on the right shoulder like in Alien versus Predator.

•Place it right on the hip of the Predator.

More details like this would be much appreciated!🤗


The only problem is that would require work


I would love to see this.

Btw, what about the Elder Sword, Sickle and Hand-held plasma gun?

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For the PC pistol It’d be right in front of the Predators belt like a gangsta lol
For the alpha sickle I think it would be cool if it was like on the bottom of the Predators arm and hooks out from the elbow like:

And the Elder sword placed, right on the Predators left ankle, where the net gun goes. So it’ll be like how Celtic had his little knife.

I don’t know I just think those would be really cool unique spots 😅

Hmmm. That does prove problematic

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