Predator Wins

So I just played a match where the FT finished the mission but did not get on the chopper. The second winded me. Outcome of the match was “Prey escaped”

I was expecting to get a draw (camera panning out) but instead got a loss even though no one escaped.

So I guess if you get SW and do not kill a single FT member you lose the match even if it times out or FT does not exfil

Yeah, if you don’t get a kill before time runs out (including the exfil timer) The Pred loses. I mean, so does the FT, because they didn’t escape,

that’s the thing, it showed the “prey escaped” cut scene, even though nobody did.

I’ve had matches (as FT) where we don’t exfil and don’t kill the pred and the pred does not kill anyone and is a draw.

But this match I played was exactly that and it wasn’t a draw. weird

is it such an anomaly? they all survived. there is nothing significant about matches. Lets just be honest, ppl come to gripe about every fucking match they have down to the fucking tree branch.

I thought better of you @JelouGaming i thoughtu were profession! now you have to make a post about every matchc you have where the sky isnt the shade of blue you agree with?

Some cut scenes are “bugged” buy yeah I’d you don’t kill at least 1 it’s loss for you

That’s what we are here for, to talk about every shade of blue in the PHG sky. That reminds me.

Have you ever stood on top of the crate when the chopper picks it up during the mission in Overgrowth? It will fly you over the map and provides a wonderful view of the valley from above. The landing is always a little rough, however.

Yeah it’s considered a loss if the pred doesn’t kill one FT member. Found that out one time fucking with some campers

JFC I was just pointing out what the outcome actually is because it was well understood that no kills from either team was a draw, but in this instance (i guess because I was SW) it wasn’t.

Chill out, I have no problems accepting a loss

I’ve had a few time outs before were it was considered a draw

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I never won when time run out even if nobody died. I think you just got a bug or both screen show a loss, you see the pray escaped part.
The win conditions seem to make it clear that its a loss for FT.

I would consider wiping the fireteam out a win , players lasting out the clock and not completing the mission? A win for the pred , if a pred has no claims or kills and detonated to wipe out the team should be a draw? Anything else is a loss , in my mind at least

You have win conditions in the game(extras menu).
FT win is by exfil or killing the predator and disarming.
Predator wins by killing the entire team, if 1 escape its a loss for pred.
If the predator blows ups up its a draw.

Timmer runs out its a win for predator I assume.

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Here’s the video for the match. FT with no exfil still won. Not sure if it was a bug

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I wonder what their screen showed. Wierd for sure.

they didnt won , you both lost

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that’s what I think but hey, whatever the game says I’ll accept. Just not sure if is supposed to be that way or if it was a bug

Okay so, yeah. There is definitely a bug here. Reporting to the bug forums

you need to claim atleast one to count for win (i know stupid rule )

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I’m not going to lie I’m going to have to try this now.

Takes you to the heavens. It is my favorite bug.