Predators freezing

Welcome to the bug of the week ladies and gents! Hope you all enjoy the show! Can’t wait to see the next great bug! Good times…

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I’m starting to think Illfonic is really just Shane Black. They both hate Predator, and you never ever see them in the same room together.

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I have a feeling this is to do with Viking. Perhaps those who have dlc and facing those who don’t is causing some sort of issue causing PlayStation to bug out. Or that maybe due to the issue with Epic it’s causing some issue on PSN.

I froze getting parried while using the katana with the Viking. The elder sword has been fine all day for me. Even if parried.

Just happened to me in the first match of the day, using Elder and alpha sickle. Back up weapon was the axe.

4 matches today, 2 freeze crashes during melee. Can we hotfix this asap, please, @IllFonic ?

Edit: second time was City Hunter, and no viking gear whatsoever, so it’s not caused by anything viking related

Yep. Just happened to me… Never had this game crash before either. I’m on PC.

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Definitely not the weapons

some for me yesterday with Hunter Class. Get parried at Infight with the Combostick, then CTD

also the Bow charge didnt work at one Match… Did they not test the last Patch before release??

All that shit with loading times from 8-12 Minutes…?

I go back to GTA Online until next Patch…


A half hour of my life wasted every time. 4 x today. That’s 2 hours someone owes me. 😜

Wow they can respond to hate but not important issues. Priorities set to maximum lowness!!!

Too be fair, calling me fucking retarded will get my attention pretty quickly. Just ask my boss

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About half the matches. It all depends on if FT parries or not.
…I think

Screw it. Can’t get a game in due to crashing now.

We have been investigating the issue and we’re currently working on a fix

Thanks for your patience


Maybe have a sit down with your QA team

How does stuff like this go unnoticed?

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Thank you @Courier

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Well this isn’t happening due to just being parried or being the Viking. I just crashed from a match playing as scout after just hitting someone without them parrying me.