Predators freezing

I’ve been playing only FT since update and 4 preds have froze right after I parry them 1 time. It’s happened with a hunter, viking, and city hunter. On all maps.


Maybe it’s players crashing

Been seeing some posts about that

Maybe I just know it’s been after a parry every time

Actually I’ve been experiencing this as well. Been parrying all day and so many Preds just stop and melt. It’s probably a crash involving parrying. Poor pred mains. They just can’t catch a break, can they!

yes. i play predator and many MANY TIME today i have been going melee and suddenl crashed what the hell @IllFonic @OldKingHamlet


Platform: PS4Pro
Class: Viking
Map: Overgrowth

Was parried by a Recon, bluescreened immediately 🙄

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Was playing on backwater and got blue screened as Pred

Yes I did as well, during melee, may have been partied…blue screened

received two shot of revolver in the face when i was playing on backwater as elder with katana, i crashed

Yeah, same here. Moment I did a melee, kicked me to desktop. @OldKingHamlet @Courier

Yes two matches in a row seems like it’s broken and needs fixing going into melee with the katana a few swipes and it’s blue screen.


seem the katana is a problem for some reason

So back to elder sword then…

I was using the Viking Axe when I bluescreened 🤔

Just done my normal with an elder sword and I was fine I even packed and slashed a bit more than normal and I was fine…

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Happened again on Derailed with Jungle Hunter. Using wrist blades - second time today. @OldKingHamlet

Used the war club and made contact with a final hit on a recon then blue screened

I got the same problem.
Since I fight mainly with the Knife, 50% of the Preds froze today when I engage in close combat.
Never happened to me in ranged combat.

Typical shit when an update comes, PS4 players usually get blue screened.

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I also had PC players freeze…