Predators freezing

Really sad illfonic released the game so unfinished like this…

Melee and parry related. The only weapons that I’ve seen used consistently without crashing are the elder sword and combistick. Every other melee, including wrist blades is very likely to crash once you get parried.

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Predators freezing when parried today good 50% of the time

I’ve noticed Predators dropping like flies. It’s probably because of the new update.

Had a Predator freeze while using combi stick twice today.

2 matches, 2 crashes. I know it’s the hunt that matters, but man…

@IllFonic compensation for missed Veritanium would go a long way in making things right once the fix is in place.

I chuckled at the thought of veritanium compensation for lost time.

FT would get 35,000 vert.

Pred would get 12 vert an hour, plus tips.


Well…could flirt and unbutton a button or two and the tips will get better.

Edit: I know @Fire would probably tip better in that case

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Lmao il give you a tip.

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I’ve blue screened using combi and elder sword

Parried a Combistick the other evening and the Predator just froze in place, so I’m guessing he bluescreened. It’s Russian Roulette now playing as Predator.

Yes. It’s still risky, but the elder and combistick are the safest. The katana and alpha hook are a definite no go, and the war club is still somewhat week. The axe is okay, because heavy attacks can’t be parried, just good luck landing them.


I parried the Viking yesterday when he tried to axe me.

Blew his PS4 right after I blocked him.
So ye, Axe can be parried.

I don’t believe the heavy attack can be. Unless that is what you’re referring to?

I haven’t tested it but I’m 90% sure the Viking Pred went with heavy when I parried him.

It’s the only attack coming from “above”.
Light one’s are from the sides.

Holy shit this is bad… This needs to be hotfixed ASAP. It’s literally game breaking. Worst bug so far ever.

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I just lost a game due to this shot, killed them 6 times and the last guy was at exfil. He was one hit away from death and then I get blue screened. Melee is unusable at the moment smdh.

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I feel your pain. I just had a similar situation. Made me curse out loud, which isn’t cool because games are supposed to be fun.

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