predators new jumping

so i noticed they made him heavier like the notes say the problem with this is he cant clear certain things runs out of stamina for jumping way too quickly. if the predator tries to jump near a fence or certain buildings he will just stay static and rotate the other way without you even touching the controls his jumping badly needs some fine tuning to be able to clear terrain fences buildings also give him more stamina for jumps to counter the addition of his new weight.
as it stands im getting used to this new weight mechanic but in a nutshell overall with the stamina change it seems like a nerf. to be blunt its bullshit.

im not the only one who shares the sentiment of it being a nerf or problematic. so illfonic make predators jumping actually better than crippling his stamina and maybe tone down the collision of a fence or at least make him be able to clear it when next too it. be able to jump over it not just go up and back down again in the same spot

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I was just about to comment this it feels stamina drains way faster and regenerates much slower. However trees are kinda compensating for it, but it’s really messing up my flow. @Courier was this affected in the patch?

Pred feels too slow now, except when aiming the caster in the trees… then it feels too fast.

Movement adjustments were made, read the patch notes.
Learn to conserve stamina, think before doing, use adrenal boost, traversing through trees consumes no stamina, alternate between ground and trees.

People thinks that the Predator is slower, but it’s because the new leap is messing with your brain, you’re too used to the old slow motion float leap, it’s been only 1 day.

If you can’t adapt to changes then continue rushing into Fireteams with wristblades and QQ in the forum.

i dont rush in with wrist blades im not an idiot … way to ignore the topic at hand lol. i know they was in the patch notes. ah yeah right use a perk to give back what was at base kit sacrificing my other needed perk in my load out “why didnt i think of that?” lol. the new leap isnt messing with my brain you can literally tell the stamina drops quicker and you dont have as much as you used too. just be quiet with your bait of rushing fire teams with wrist blades when you have no idea of my play style. if you must know i do stealth and from a distance not rushing in like a zerg

Way to ignore the topic? This thread you created here is a way for you to ignore reading the patch note information.

You leap at the same height, same distance, the stamina cost is the same, the leap just has a faster animation, you spend less time traversing through the air which means you also spend less time regenerating your stamina during the leap. The old slow motion leap made you able to regen more stamina during the time you spent soaring through the air before landing.
And the Predator’s movement speed is the same, the stamina is the same, the stamina regen is the same.
So yes, the new leap IS messing with your brain.

You should be happy about the new leap as it’ll save you from skilled Fireteams sniping you in the air.

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Predkour in trees does consume stamina now.