Predkour Master Trophy PS4(Fixed)

Have been grinding trees for ages and trophy is not unlocking. Several people have this issue.

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Just keep running.

One day it’ll pop.

People have speculated it must be done in quickplay.

Been doing it in Privates with modifiers,that might be the issue then.

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I’ve seen a video say, run in privates for 15 matches and the entire time you must be in the trees, idk if it’s true or not

I have done more than 30 tho

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Hm very odd

and like over 20 quick play matches just in the trees

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Go on private match
Increase your movement speed to 500 and then increase the time of the match to 20 or 30
Find a safe way on trees to repeat it without falling
And you will get the Trophy
(Make sure to use the Trees Perks on your Pred , and use scout fosha)

I have been doing this for the past week,still no trophy,other trophies however,unlocked fine in privates

Are you fully completing the matches? If you don’t complete the match, progress towards trophies is not recorded on the backend. But the trophy for sure works: QA did a pass on the trophies last week and were able to earn every trophy on new, standard accounts.


It just popped…omg,you can’t imagine how long I was doing that,I don’t believe its 100km tho…sry guys

I’ve read somewhere that only the walking/running counts. The distance of leaps between trees doesn’t. So, you maybe need a lot of matches to achieve 100 km of walking on branches.

Holy shit

A dev responded for the very first time

isn’t a step equal to 1/4 of a meter? So it takes 4 steps on tree branches to equal one. Then multiply that by 100,000. Thats alot of fuckin steps.