Predlocks glitchin

My silver beads or whatever arent showing up. I use the red locks on my hunter and my locks look like shit not to mention they spazz out.

Is this only happening to me?

well dreads have spaz’d out since like 1.08 which funnily enough makes it easier for the FT to spot you while cloaked cause of the movement

i think so your not alone their as for the beads idk havn’t had that problem

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I’ve noticed on the main screen that the predlocks quiver sorta and when opening crates, the predator showing what style locks I unlock has half of his head shaved Natalie Dormer style

Hopefully the next patch fixes the Predlocks. I’ve been wanting to put the thicker locks on some of my customizations again.

Looks like their “fix” was to add the option to tie them up when you get the samurai pred…