Predlocks would need a new own animation

After the new Patch 2.11, the Predlocks started to go completely crazy in hunts with many classes.
Although it’s not much of a bother, it’s not pleasant to look at and quite immersion breaking. Especially if one of the prettier Predlocks is used as the Vikings.

It mainly seems to be a physics problem that should be fixed in the near future.


You know, I hear ppl complain about this but I actually like the hair going crazy.
It’s pretty funny.
So I hope it doesnt get fixed or we get an option to have crazy hair on pred.


Each person their own.
But let me tell you this: A buddy of FairYautja, who is a programmer himself, found out that Illfonic has used a premade animation for the Predlocks which are the animation for horse’s bridal reigns. And that is why they go crazy like this.
It also is meanwhile effecting the Alpha Predlocks. I just would like to have it fixed since it sad to see how its breaking the beautiful ones.

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I find a it funny how much it bothers some people but like I said, if they do fix it I’d like an option for even more crazy hair movement.

I’ve been wanting a fix for this forever.

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Even though it’s unrealistic or immersive? God not you again.

Immersive would mean you can get immersed.
Hair that’s Flowing like its alive or because of energy would look cool.

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