Preds clicking 1.16

I mean its his most valuable tool arguably, and yet in this game it does the opposite of giving him stealth

Being invis doesnt matter when being invis makes you make long drawn out noises that I can use to literally figure out exactly where you are.

I’ve never been compromised over clicking. Audio decoys are there for that very reason.

Seems less to me. But I try not to use cloak as much once I learned that it doesn’t click when not cloaked.

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The point is, that the predator can’t rely at all on the cloak, the cloak is the predators only advantage against the ft, he’s outnumbered and the ft can put just as much damage out if not more than he can. Against a good ft the predator needs to be stealthier than he is capable of being currently.

Yeah when I play ft pred rarely gets near us without being spotted immediately.

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Audio decoys make the roar sound, the ft can tell that isn’t the predator simply by doing that in the middle of a fight.


Decoys do roar, click and vision change. If you toss them all at once they won’t know where you are guaranteed. This tactic obviously is only good for one engagement, so be smart.

the smart disc is godly despite its bugs here and there.

i cant tell you how many times the FT will camp inside, or go for objectives inside, and I can (safely from the roof or where-ever) throw the disc and pilot inside and hit multiple FT members. if they arent support and have even minimal damage its an insta down. then just run in and chop up everyone left alive because I have too much HP for the survivors to win by attrition.

You haven’t discovered the spear and slap technique. I use downrange. Get behind an FT and spear them. 126 damage. One wrist blades hit. 30 damage. That’s 156 damage in a moment. And that is why the meta is support, Dutch, and assault with thick skin.

The predator can burst way more damage than the ft. Cloak and clicking are fine.

I run around a corner and stand still. you go completely invis. as long as you arent bleeding the FT runs past 8/10 times.

the other two times they hear you and shoot around randomly trying to hit you.

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well im happy and not at the same time but i get the point

Yeah… that’s not how my smartdisc works. I try that and in 70% the smartdisc will lag, teleport and suddenly stuck in the open door.

Cloak is ineffective if your standing in one place for too long. I change position frequently and don’t have an issue with cloak.

Nope, frequency refers to how often it happens.
I can see how it may be slightly ambiguous though

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well i thank you for letting me know this how ever if this is the case i feel that its not enough as i havent notice an impact on the game and im sure i can speak for the rest of the people in this thread.

Me too the kantana

As I highlighted in a previous post. When providing patch notes you should provide more information. What it is now plus what it was before.

Thanks for the clarification Courier. Still, it feels more frequent, not less.