Preds clicking 1.16

is it me or does it feel like they did the opposite this patch. When Im playing as pred he clicks literally every 3 seconds now.


as in how loud it is…


That is the poorest choice of wording then HAHA holy shit.

Frequency in that sense is to depict how often something occurs.

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well form my testing the predator sounds much softer but it doesnt Feel any longer on the timming of the Clicking

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I was playing as alpha earlier and mofo wouldnt shut the fuck up and got me killed in the first min lol

well if you win or lose based on Sound your not playing Right. ive gotten to the point where i Dont Give a Shit about being spoted, both the Ping and just being seen…

as the predator player its a Battle for Control. if you crack because your Found. your going to lose.

keep up the pressure. use your tools. keep calm and plan an attack force them into a position of fault.

by that i mean into a position where their going to make a mistake its unavoidable.

if their getting nice and comfortable somewhere, pay attention to what they want to do, and more importently what they want YOU too do.

that’ll tell you what you need to do.

its like Dead by daylight in that sense.

Forget about what the Killer is Doing, pay attention to what your Team is Doing that’ll tell you what you have to do.

only for the killer players Normaly have one playstyle, once you learn what that is in the match avoid playing they way they want you too and you win. simple.


Yeah but when im trying to do a build for fun and not for meta it can fuck me up hard.

IF i want to win Ima just run in and net gun wrist blade spam tbh.

Also doesnt help that this is the first time Ive played in like 3 months now and the controls have only gotten more unreliable lol. Im constantly doing shit I dont mean to so playing fast is gonna take a while again.

i still think Bow and Katana is the best, but thats the magic of the game.

i love it when people get into the mind set its an action game, their the easyist to read. no my friend this game… is a mind game. who ever gets inside the others head faster wins.


Lol yeah I run bow/katana on my samurai, shits fun, and really the most reliable way to play as pred and have fun doing it because of the style points lol

i think the best Style points in the game is Smart disc only on a Full Discord setting abuse death team.

and winning

I love smart disc honestly. I just wish it would stop getting caught on invisible walls and lagging.

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and i wish the fucking thing had Better controls sometimes it feels it makes super sharp turns easily and other times it takes the widest god damm turns. not being abble to Trust me tool makes it very bad in my opinion.

not saying it cant be great but its just not as good as it could be.

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Yeah its really wonky. I feel you on that.

It has moments of fucking awesome, and other moments where its just like “Really”

gotta say tho its like a 50-50 tool its either going to be Fucking useless or fuck over the fire team HARD

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Yeh the clicking is still giving away the predators exact location, I can find a predator using nothing but my ears, please stop the clicking when the predator is crouched, or when within a certain distance of the ft.


I’m working on a video that shows exactly how easy it is for me to spawn in and find the predator who’s standing still cloaked, the clicking gives me not only what tree or roof he’s on but what side of the roof or branch he’s on. Eye shine is a dead giveaway. Ranged attacks are a dead give away, moving is a dead giveaway, stomping tells you what direction they are, and blood tells you what direction they went, every single thing a predator does is designed to give away his position, and he’s up against 4 players who each can near down him in 1 mag, predators only chance against a decent fireteam is to italics stealth, but on a character that’s designed to give its position away no matter what you do there’s nothing you can do.

I strongly suggest muffling the clicking to audible no farther than 70 yards, space clicks out by 1 minute intervals, and stop clicking entirely when standing still. As I’ve said before, I’m working on a video that shows exactly why the predator needs a stealth buff.

I mean it just needs to not be directional imo

if all a predator is doing is Relying on Cloak then yea you should lose

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