Premades tricks

Give a list of those tricks. One is that cloaking is useless their spot u everywhere that is one of the flaws in this game. What about granades? Is knife little bit too powerful? Ft resourses?

Well. Are we talking 2 mans or full four stacks? Cause even just two people can do some pretty cheeky stuff


Well in 2’s you can just run Support with Dutch and be absolutely busted if you just run side by side. A cheeky thing to do is Dutch muds up crouches in a bush, have your support seem like they’re alone, then just rinse the pred when he shows up. It’s kinda a shame this works so well. Also just with this combo alone you have med kits, frags, ammo, you take reduced damage, and deal a shit load of damage from arnolds passives.

Then in 4 stacks, due to how many resources are just on the map as is, the whole squad runs unleashed with frags(or atleast 3 of you) and just yeet the predator out of trees. You don’t even need to bring med kits or ammo due to the bonkers amount of resources on the map.

And if you have just one field medic on your four stack, good luck killing anyone

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I personally do not like how the Predator can be marked while cloaked.

Fire Team knife damage is too strong. I was using the Alpha Sickle with the fearless perk at full health against a Dante and he did more melee damage than I could to him.
That Dante player also was able to still hit me even after a parry, melee is broken for Fire Team.

Fire Team being able to throw grenades right before they explode is unfair. Either reduce grenade damage or take away the ability to hold it till the grenade explodes.

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I think I’ve played against that player before, they’re always Dante, and they always seem to be able to knife you a few more times.

Melee isn’t the best option vs Dante or Dutch. They can’t parry arrows and plasma.

the spotting with pc players is sooo ridiculous they never loose sight

Clearly buff FT nerf pred

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Yes Weevo. Also.

Pred is op.

FT needs to be able to quad wield miniguns.

Pred health needs to be nerfed by at least a thousand percent.

Bomb disarm should be a simple hold down button interaction.

Nerf bow.

Remove all pigs.

Mud should last for exactly 14 minutes and 50 seconds.

Knifing the pred should be instagib.

Silenced weapons should do more damage than unsilenced.

Spotting should last 15 minutes. All spots after the first should damage the pred.

A.I should only target the pred.

Buff field medic.

Dutch should have 20 gear points and 5 gear slots because he’s Arnie.

Energy overload should take 99.5% of the preds health.

ACIGS should heavily damage the pred and take half his health.

Reduce amount of discs carried to zero.

Ammo crates in every base.

Ban @Fire.

Have even less mission variation. Guarding a laptop is the best fun ever, apart from shooting a pipe.

Setting fire to the weed farm should get the pred so stoned he gets the munchies and just has to eat one of the strung up skinned dudes.

Remove mouse support.

Reduce shoulder caster damage by 50%

Make handheld caster give health back to the FT.

Ban all pred players who disconnect after they die. It’s bad sportsmanship to not watch the FT teabag you for 5 seconds then run off to look for veritanium.

Increase pred queue times for no reason (those nerds will still wait anyway)

Increase predator clicking sounds.

Buff James Cameron.

Introduce melon grenades with seed shrapnel that blinds the pred.

Remove all maps but backwater.

Finally. Build a large statue of James Cameron in the fishing village and award 1 million veritanium to all who bow to him. And a slightly smaller statue of @GetToLaChappa in honour of his contribution to melon kind.


God damn you’ve gone full retard.

That’s what happens when you play illfonic games 🤪


I’m a broken man


You don’t use that word. That’s our word.