Prey escaped when they are down bug

I don’t remember what map I was on, and I forgot to at least take a picture of it, but how I did it was that I had all downed all fire team members inside a building (I had already claimed one of the 4 outside the building though) when I decided to do something that I thought would be cool, I repeatedly use my plasma canon on the wall next to me to knock me down, and when I did so and “gave up”, just as I was going to activate self destruct, the screen fades to black saying “Prey Escaped” everyone in the lobby was confused, hopefully you guys can address this big so it won’t happen again

What likely happened was that you ran the clock out which can happen even during the self-destruct countdown.

If the clock runs out it will still say “prey escaped”.

I keep running into a bug where I kill AND CLAIM fire team members and get ZERO credit for the kills at the summary screen. Soooooooooooooo frustrating! 😡

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that cant be, cause the match had started only about 5 minutes prior