PREY: Hulu on Friday what time?

so To be clear, is it Friday 12 am? Or friday on a specified timezone? as with lots of software release times for updates…probably not the case. I hope we can get some clarity on it becasue i’m planning to seee some friends for a get together at 12am so that means when the clock strikes 12, it should be out!


I assume Friday 12am, depending on your timezone. Unless they want to be cool and release it at 12am EST universally, so west coasters will have it at 9pm

so whose time zone? Is it official? maybe its open to everyone’s timezone based off of their 12am?

I edited my post. And no, I have no official time, I don’t think there is any.


Can you watch it with a standard Hulu account or do you need the higher tier subscriptions?

dude its probably available with the free subscriptions~!! we will watch it soon. Then post your review!

yes yes tonight my movie watch and see STRONG WARRIOR defeat space man !


Hulu is showing that streaming will start at 11 pm. Is that correct for EST or is it for another time zone?

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It’s up now.