Primal Carnage: Extinction

So, has anyone played this game on PS4? I’ve heard its a pretty mixed bag, but decent overall and you can play as several different dinosaurs and eat other players. Just curious what everyone thinks about it.


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I didn’t know the sequel was on PS4 tbh. I stopped following primal carnage after the some of the fun devs split off to make their own game.

Yeh, seems fun. It’s like $10 on PSN Store

Also wondering what other games they have you can play as dinosaurs

The Isle.

PC early access, just started getting big updates though. no console release anytime soon. I’m surprised dragging corpses made it in, so anything is possible at this point they’re indie with infinite money to throw around. Gives alpha Spore vibes and humans should be added eventually for the DayZ and Rust crowd which is pretty cool. It was originally going to be a primal carnage spinoff and became its own thing.

I just get a laugh at them suing all the kickstarter dinosaur games trying to steal their assets because there’s so much money put into rigging these dinosaur models.

Sad face

Lol yes. This game is fucking awesome. It’s like yeah buggy and not super optimized but it’s amazing

I am thinking about getting it, any advice? I wanna mostly play dinosaur’s really the raptors lol

I would totally wanna make a raptor squad for shiggles

I haven’t played it in literally over a year. But if it’s cheap atm definitely pick it up it’s a ton of like, low budget fun. Just don’t expect like a cod level experience. It’s definitely not that well made. But it is fun

lol its cheap right now I just wanna play dinosaur every time lmao

I’m pretty sure you literally can

But playing the hunters is actually fun too. Like sprinting away from a T. rex is pretty fucking intense lol

Lol, eh I would enjoy dino’s more since I’ve always loved dinosaurs even as a kid

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I wish the Isle was on console too, game looks great

Never even heard of this game hahaha may have to check it out if I can be a T.Rex 😈

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You can lol

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Dope 10$ you say? How long is sale going on for?

It’s 12.99 actually and not sure, didn’t check just set it to install when I went on my last break so it’d be done when I got home