private game and 4 clairvoyant bots

Hello, the fact is that during a private match for a predator there is a problem with bots, they already know where you are and will constantly follow you, it doesn’t matter that you are in disguise, no matter where you run away, they will run there and even shoot you if you are in disguise, this is complete nonsense, I can’t calmly run around when 4 annoying bots are chasing me, are they clairvoyant? Yes, I could turn them off, but then I get less experience, bots are good, but not when they follow you despite my disguise, even if I run away to the other end of the map, they run there too, I ran away for a considerable distance to recover healthy, while I was restoring it, they stopped and started to shoot - and at that moment I can not do anything.

How can I learn to shoot at a target that runs after me? they are standing under the tree where I am!! bots should emulate players who complete tasks so that I can learn archery and discus throw at the moment when the target is running around

What did you disguise of?


I’m picturing a Pred with a fake moustache right now.


I’m not masking anything, I was talking about bots in a private match, you are constantly being followed by 4 bots, even if you run to the other end of the map in camouflage mode, the bots will run there too.

When editing private matches, there’s an option to play without bots. Enter the editing menu and select Hunt Without Bots

He knows you can turn them off, he said it in the OP. His issue is because the bots are on him he can’t farm them for XP the way he wants which I find really ass-backwards since you’ll never get as much XP farming bots in private compared to pubs.

His plans are 5 parallel dimensions ahead of your puny mind.

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I want to play with bots, but they behave like supernatural, they should not run after you all over the map, if the single mode should teach you different tactics, then this will not work, because they run after you through the whole map,
another single player mode should teach you how to use weapons, especially lucas and a disk, but these 4 bots are constantly following you, I can’t even heal, because it’s impossible to run away from them.

That’s how bots work, and if you’re playing good teams, they’ll chase you like bots. They know where you are at all times and do not miss. Use bots to practice since they’re best suited to give you the hunted experience. Unless you’re really good, then they don’t do squat to help

maybe you like to kill a stationary target? my task is to learn to throw a disc when the target is not standing still, or learn to shoot from a bow when the target is in motion, and not stupidly run around and stand under a tree.

Then why are you complaining? First you complain about them hunting you down and are now complaining that they run around a tree… Which is it? Do you want smart bots or dumb bots?

I want bots that mimic actual players bot not good players but also not stationary. Essentially I want the regular pubs experience.

that’s exactly what they run after me and stand under a tree, I don’t like it because if I’m sitting on a tree, they just run around me to kill me, how can I learn to kill a moving target that runs like a snake under a tree? they have to run and complete tasks so that I can hunt them and learn to throw a discus at targets that are in motion.

So why not practice in real matches?
That’s the best way.

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Distance yourself from them and go behind around a corner and bait them into it. Use your head, balance out strategies.

where will it lure you? you don’t need to lure them, they themselves run to you, I don’t need them to run away, I need them to run around the map, kill other NPCs, so that at that moment I can hunt them, learning discus throwing skills…

Bro dont play private matches then lol

And also







training during the match you will not work out, as you will be killed by the players while you are training.