Private match glitchy, unplayable today

I play against my son and the bots on private matches and on the whole I haven’t encountered many issues, usually with ai’s looking like they are having a fit disappearing through walls, and occasionally predator walks through walls.

Today it was really bad I’m predator and i saw the bots disappear into thin air with one remaining yet the game is saying they are still there and alive.
Also movement is jittery, then it got worse when my opponents character could shoot but unable to move off the spot…and the little matter of a bot stuck to to it’s shoulders i a crate. I could go on but…
What on earth is going on ???
Given up for now, the game keeps kicking either or us out Crazy!
The weirdest thing i have seen is on occasion is when my disc got hit and the predator shook violently ran off by itself shrunk to the size of an ant and disappeared into the void black hole or something…

I haven’t been playing games for long but I know this is bad … I’m old enough to have watched predator when it was released on vhs when my son was a boy he is 39 now and loved watching my son play this game when it was released…and then he taught me. Usually we have some really good fights he taught me well :) I’ve kicked his butt many times…as he has mine.
I don’t play Quick Play but my son does and while I’m typing this he is repeatedly being kicked out of the mission planning page when picking the character as soon as it it ticked ready to go it’s kicking him out of the game.
As i mentioned i don’t know much about gaming but this is really very bad.
But from what I’ve read on here Iffonic do very little if nothing at all to make the game run smoothly or address issues players have. And let’s face it the majority of players paid full price for this game.
Hmm…I don’t think there is any such thing as customer service for gaming.
One last thing Iffonic…get a grip.

Its been like this for a year now.
You’re better off playing something else.


go away lol

Not only on private matches.
AI’s are acting even more crazy after this last patch.
Shooting before they even spawn. Spawing on top of buildings and sylos (FT bots also). Moonwalking left and right.
Annoying as fuck.

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Brilliant! So funny. Yeah it’s a mad mad world… on or offline, bizarre, just like this game, it’s full of weird surprises especially with updates. Even i as a newbie cringe, a sinking feeling when i see an update file…
It’s like buy one get a lot of bug free.

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I’ve seen the moonwalking thing and ai’s crouching sliding along the ground.
The glitch where the ai is shooting from the inside of a fuel tanker thing at the dig camp on Excavation shouting…I need covering fire, I’ll get the alarm every minute irritates the hell out of me…ffs shut up. That bug comes and goes but has been there for a long time. My son and I think it’s just a money making exercise now churning out predator dlc’s. I don’t know what bugs they are fixing but it’s not long standing bugs/glitches or those that matter…

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You have a great name…
Deranged could be an apt description for this game. Being a gaming newbie i have a soft spot for the game and the predator movie franchise, hmm, besides i like weird…I can see this turning into a love hate relationship…😂😂

They fixed bugs in the 1st year. But every patch brought new bugs aswell. Now it’s just mew characters. No fixing at all.