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I also met such a hacker. I told you that he ran around me at an amazing speed and cut me to pieces with the knife. You didn’t believe me, you thought I was mentally r.e.t.arded.

This thread is a waste of space

Just deal with it there’s not much you can do


@REYNOSO_FUA11 is the daddy of PC hackers. He can curve bullets around obstacles and has infinite health. @not-bot-bravo can confirm.


We still think you are.

Just leave this game,shame on illfonic

Do you see the idiots above?? They all do the same thing! They run at the speed of light, they hack the game and they have modified servers… They come here and brag that they kill a predator by themselves. Heckari cheats…123

One to kill a predator is not so difficult)

Attention! The hacker has appeared again! This idiot, kaka program with reaction in the ass, must be reported. I have met hackers with turbo on the gun, but this one is invincible.

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People that have no purpose spend their time cheating in video games, it’s pathetic. Why bother buying a game if you can’t even get good at it on your own.

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I don’t want to brag, bitch, out of 50 matches, Rombak loses one match. A match in which the PC team of cheaters plays, which brags on the forum that we are invincible, we are morose, frustrated, but invincible! Rombak’s girlfriend said! Rombak, don’t worry keep playing with them. What satisfaction do they have killing the teacher using macros programs.??? Rombak answered… Their mothers are brown and they fucked with whites… That’s how the elite gave birth to the pc death squads