Prolly a dumb question....

There’s no mention of anything? Either if the game is done as far ad updates or if they’ll drop more after thier other 2 games that are out have had dlcs? Does anybody ask them on Twitter or anywhere else if so are there any replies? Or do they just ignore anything ppl ask having to do with the game?

I’ve seen all the gripe shit talk on xyz so if you gonna reply with anything like "games dead, your still playing, nobody plays, etc. I’m not interested only in answers pertaining to the questions thanks. Im a middle aged dinosaur so i don’t use any of those social media sights so i have to ask in case anybody here does use it. Thanks

They pretty much stopped declaring and announcing anything since launch. We got drops of dlcs pretty much randomly. As far as PR …nothing more than your hotfix announcements .
Where have you been when people have said that they don’t communicate?
Thats pretty much how they handled everything about this game.
Things were leaked…and we just assumed…dlcs dropped on us like bombs (asides from the official SONy Blog Posts that acommpanied the drops), and if there were bugs, they get ghost fixed.

Not a dumb question but one who is a little absent minded shouldn’t be ppunished for asking it.

Hotfixes were announced on twitter.,
Dlcs were at ttimes announced on the PS blog and eventually on twitter. I won’t go to their facebook so i don’t know how they handle that shit.

and basically dlcs and hotfixes were posted pretty much instantly on News section of this forum.

oh and remember those year long roadmaps that were hidden in black all the time? Well you know how well that went. they just pretty much announced and showcased a blank slate but at least they gave us…slots.

No i get all that bit i mean as far as recently, I’ve seen ppl on here ask stuff like will there be an anniversery dlc or event but we all know if its only said here its basically like talking among friends with no direct contact to anyone in illfonic. Ive seen that ps blogs and hotfix stuff but i mean like ppl @illfonic on Twitter and genuinely ask the stuff like anniversary dlc or events or anything like that within the last month or 2 and if anybody did ask were there any replies or they just refuse to acknowledge anything relating to this game.

If i had a Twitter is ask but not sure what would come out of it if anything

jeebuz than if you’re just asking about the last two months how about remember how long they stopped dropping anything? remember Robopred? then the 3 clones from AVP? Thats pretty much had nobody coming to the forums and yet there they were. I doubt you should even bother asking a silly question like…how about a big map of x when nobody is playing the game.

There is a trend in game dev where drops meant bring back the community. That hasn’t happened since Night Maps were dropped. That was well over 2 years ago.

Like you’re asking for someone to respond on a game they stopped developing officially for the last 2 years.

Its a good game. So was Street FIghter2 . but eventually you grow away from it.

I mean I think you can still play with people if yuou organize an event. Which you could. And the servers would still exist. So long as Illfonic is in business for themselves or boaght out by another company. Their new owners would have money to keep a cheap server here and there alive.

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Yea your absolutely right…im just thinking damn they really just dropping the game that had the most (might be over stating) success compared to thier other 2 games that i think is safe to say, are not groundbreaking or impactful. This game may not have been but it sure had the most potential and seems like a bad business move to just drop it like a hot potato

it was a great snack and still is. I mean um…if say, even AVPGALAXY hosts some game nights for their publishing crew now and again. Its only a matter of time before communities from a forum hosts game night and depending on how popular it is, that could just keep it alive for you know…whatevere. fandome. Thats what it is. You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to like this game.

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Yep dumb question XD
Hey, I’m a middle aged dinosaur without social media insights as well and at one point they had me too, don’t feel bad lmao


This thread is dumb.


Yes. A lot of things are dumb. You obviously don’t know who you’re talking to.

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A talking hamburger bun (?)

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It’s called the almighty loaf. I’m something of an egotistical maniac, as you’ll come to find out, hence why my pfp is the soul of god trapped in a loaf of bread.

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Give me rent.

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All of you give me rent.


Ill give you rent. and when you’re not expecting…something else.

OKH actually poked his head out to reply to something I said on the reddit, and this is pretty much all he said in regards to the game’s future.


“We’re only the developers”

Why don’t you fucking develop the game then you shitty rent money-lacking “developers.”


More rent?

Shit, I just want to know if they plan on doing anything more. If nothing else, tie up the loose ends(the bugs and glitches) and focus on other titles. This game deserves better, but as always, they don’t seem to care. Or at least, don’t care enough.


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Unless you’re going to be making events then clearly there will be none from them. Oddly the PC player base is there but its up and down. You still had those bros from Brazil. Lots of PC players out there. Some stuck around some came here. But ultimately i think its lost cause since nobody really co-ordinates. Events might be the only way to keep a playbase together whether made by fans or made by the owners of the game itself.

I mean if they were going to get the fanbase eroused they would need to announce something 3 to 4 months ahead.

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