Prototype Plasma rifle is not deserves being high rank weapon

In practise, this weapon even worse than standard AR. Too small damage to Predator, you litteraly useless to your team when Predator comes for you and you need to fight back(I don’t want say that weapon need be another weapon that melting Pred, hell no, just make this weapon worth grinding it’s level cap, because when you get this weapon after a lot of grinding, you get even more weaker weapon than QR-4, standard rifle.) But somehow this weapon can melt AI enemies and destroy objective target much faster, only 2 this things is good in Prototype Plasma Rifle .-.

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The prototype melts through AI, objectives, can shoot through branches and hit the pred directly, has a lot of ammo, and has a quick reload time so long as you reload before you fire off all shots in the magazine. The prototype also ignores pred armor unlike most weapons and is overall way better than the QR4. While it isn’t the strongest weapon against a pred it has various other uses that make it a great weapon.


I said earlier, in practise this don’t work at all. Ignoring pred. armor? Well, why with hammerhead it takes almost all magazin(or full, don’t remember) to take down predator but plasma rifle don’t even hit it to half HP?(Tested on Berserk)

Also, i said earlier in this post too what you said in the first statement(my english is bad, so can make stupid mistakes). This is the only good things about this gun, melting through AI and Objectives. But hey, how i said earlier, it’s don’t even make any difference because Predator going for your spines and you can’t even do anything with it to Predator while he teabaging your teammate

honestly this guy is right it makes no sense that the plasma prototype rifle and the pitbull are such trash weapons yet you unlock them so late same with the CS12 auto shotgun or the 2XL (revolver) all these guns are terrible in comparison to the ones you unlock sooner

and 3 of them are considered jokes among the community almost being minigun level of (if you take them your trolling)

as in it ignores bullet resistance (impen or the passive bullet resitance the scout class has) though in practice this doesn’t matter at all the dmg difference is either negligable or laughable (GOSLR will still do more dmg than a plasma prototype rifle shot at 15+m even if a predator has impen)

which for the math inclined at 15m against a zzerker with impen GOSLR does about 32 damage the plasma prototype rifle at that same distance does 31 damage lmao and remember plasma prototype is not effected by things like assault bullet dmg increase so in an avg situations the goslr will still do more dmg at even farther distances and i’ts a projectile so can be more easily avoided while the goslr is hitscan so is more difficult to avoid


LMAO, well, thanks for info x)

While I wouldn’t mind a buff to the prototype, I think it’s fine as is for what it is. Right now this weapon works best for scout duelist being that the pistol is the main source of damage whereas the prototype takes care of everything else. The pitbull needs a massive buff for the shit stats it has, it serves no purpose.

I’m rather go with Hammerhead and will know, if my pistol will out, i calmly change to the Hammerhead and still be good at giving Predator worth damage and killing AI. Plasma Rifle just don’t deserve this high rank gate and not worth grinding at all(135 level, jesus). It need to be reworked/buffed, like Pitbull


Agreed it’s a niche weapon that at least serves a purpose however when you have the hammerhead as an option then there’s no point other than personal preference. It’s basically like the NRVE sniper, it’s a good weapon but when you have the SAWZ as an option why bother.

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Sometimes, I forget that gun exists.