PS4: App error 14 times and counting! Error CE-34878-0 Crashes and Crashes!!!

PS4 : We can’t play anymore! crashes and crashes!!!
Application error 14 times and counting… YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING, ILLFONIC???
Error app CE-34878-0

16 times error CE-34878-0

PS5 is having an issue tonight as well…
I wonder if they’re doing something behind the scenes tonight to try and resolve all the bugs?

There been 3 or 4 hotfixes already in the last patch, they dont fix this damn problem, its like they dont believe their community or dont try to look and fix this error at all, because in 2020 we had this problem and they fixed. Idk what to say but everything points that they dont care. Or the game is so broken that is beyond fixes.

Same problem happening to me, 1 match out of 4 has this problem, PS4.


Are you getting these errors back to back or are they only occurring sometimes?

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Lol theres been 2 hot fixes… in case you cant count

@holdking Yes Consecutively!
1 a game without a lock… in the second game Lock and Lock and it’s close the game!
You can’t play anymore!
Help, please!!!